Just a normal 20ish year old virgin who loves to look at things that make her wet. Oh bby ;) I will post anything that does so. In real life with other people, I seem like a shy innocent girl but in mah bed, I'm the total opposite.

No masturbating for 5 days

For me that is hard. I was so horny the whole weekend. If anything even seemed remotely sexual, I was turned on.

However, I was in closed quarters with my parents I could do nothing about it. So…

But now I’m back home, with my own room and a damn good internet connection. You all know what that means. 

Tata for now 

makesmegasp started following you

Thanks so much! Sorry for the late post, response…thingy. I’ve been out in the middle of bum fuck no where since thursday. No internet, so needless to say, I am super horny. Your blog really hits the spot after the dry spell. Thanks for following me though. I hope my blog brings you as much enjoyment as yours does for me. 


OK. Think I gotta go do this now… BRB everyone ;)


Same girl. Same hotttttness. I wish I was humping her instead ;)


I want to

scissor a girl so bad

You guys have no fucking idea how badly I want to do this. Just..ugh, so bad. But I gotta meet a girl first before I do this. Le sigh, why must I be so unattractive that I can’t meet anyone. 

I can say one thing

Though I am more into girls, there is one thing I would love to do to a guy

I would love make him cum via prostate massage. T hear a guy moan and verbally show he is enjoying it with out grunting is such a turn on. To just give him a super intense orgasm would be the best experience for me. 

Guys seem so turned off by it, but come on, a full body orgasm? Who wouldn’t want that? 


T just sent me this video. I think he’s trying to tell me something.